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I've been thinking for a while that I will try go vegetarian for at least a week. It would be just over a year since I started cooking vegetarian meals and realising that dinner isn't dinner just because meat is the main ingredient.

So far...

Morning tea: Plain crossiant (wasn't going to eat at all as I didn't have any food, yay for walking in on someone's 50th birthday in finance)
Lunch: Curry flavoured instant noodles and a slice of raspberry cheesecake (saw it in the shop, had to have it)
Afternoon tea: Banana (found it in my desk hurrah)
Dinner: Roast vegetable (parsnip, kumara, red pepper, onion and potato) salad (watercress, spinach and rocket) with feta.

Morning tea: Banana
Lunch: Tofu curry with boiled rice from Wasabi (the tofu was like sponge, it was all squirky sounding in my mouth but it was so delicious) and 3 slices of dark chocolate from Orlagh.
Dinner: Curried Parsnip soup with baguette

I'm really enjoying it. If anything it is giving me a chance to cook new night time meals and think about what I'm eating. I hadn't been convinced on the parsnip soup but I had got a whole big bag of them reduced to 65p for the roast vege salad that I thought I should use them. I changed the recipe a bit and put some potato in instead of apple and a thai chili. It was just the most perfect texture and consistency with a bit of coconut milk in it. I think it will be a staple lunch meal over the winter. It was really easy too since parsnip cooks so fast, much like kumara. I have a few soups to try out where kumara is the base over winter.

Date: 2010-10-14 10:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] dreamingofme.livejournal.com
You've reminded me to make parsnip soup again this year, mmm, thanks. Just a shame I don't have a microwave at work, boo.



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